For more than 60 years, our Athens, Georgia facility has led in the production of reliable, energy-efficient distribution solutions. Offering products that range from single-phase and three-phase pole-type transformers to new padmount solutions, we pride ourselves in providing responsible value to customers, associates, and the communities they serve.

With the shortest manufacturing cycles in the industry, extraordinary storm response, and designs that meet the highest industry safety and quality standards, Power Partners is more than a manufacturer. We’re a leader in innovation — and we’re 400 employees strong, all ready to meet your distribution transformer needs.

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A Spire Power Solutions company

Spire is your one source for proven power solutions. We bring together the industry’s widest range of transformers and power solutions to serve utility, renewable energy, public power, commercial, and industrial markets across North America. With rapid response times and over 100 years of operations and engineering expertise, Spire delivers a complete range of proven products, services, and support tailored for your success.

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ISO9001 Certified
ISO9001 Certified

Committed to sustainability

Power Partners proactively prevents pollution to protect people and our planet. We continuously improve our processes to reduce energy and water intensity, water consumption, landfill waste, and scrap in our manufacturing process.

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